Continuing on with the souvenir/Las Vegas theme from my previous post, here is a super cool souvenir idea for when visiting the bright lights of Vegas…

…$1 poker chips!

As the hotels and casinos ARE where most of the attractions are at, you’re likely to be visiting a fair few during your stay. Head over to the casino counter and ask to buy a $1 poker chip. Some cashiers may even pick a nice clean one out for you. One cashier even got the wet wipes out and cleaned one up for me, how thoughtful!

This is a fun souvenir that can cost anything from $1 upwards… it’s up to you how many casinos you decide to visit. My clever man decided that rather than letting the chips just sit around in a box, he would make art from them – how very inspiring! And why didn’t I think of that?

What a great reminder of our fantastic time in Sin City!

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