The World’s Largest Gift Shop

A holiday is the perfect way of letting your hair down, but sometimes when we’re enjoying ourselves in new, exciting surroundings we almost temporarily become someone else. A girly holiday in the sun can bring out the cheeky, chatty flirt in an otherwise shy and introverted girl, an energetic theme park based holiday can bring out the adventurous and lively side to someone normally at their happiest on a comfy sofa in front of the tv. And a tacky gift shop can bring out the wallet and insanity of an otherwise sensible spender! Yeah I’m referring to those impulse buys that seemed like a good idea at the time but when you get them home you realise they are just a hideous waste of money. Or just hideous full stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a memento of your travels and I’m a fan of kitsch but are you really going to play that didgeridoo/wear that sombrero when you get home or will it just sit gathering dust before being tossed into the nearest charity bag?

Having said that, who am I to be lecturing? I am that girl with a didgeridoo (albeit a small one) shoved in a drawer under the bed! Instead, let me tell you about the holy mecca of gift shops…


The world’s largest gift shop!

Located on the Las Vegas strip, by the Stratosphere Hotel, is Bonanza. It is fabulously tacky selling everything from Las Vegas themed paraphernalia to ‘Polly the insulting parrot’ – but hey, it’s Vegas! If it wasn’t tacky you’d be disappointed!

I did purchase a couple of items there but refrained at buying a Trailer Trash doll… although a car dashboard hula girl would’ve been some cool kitsch!

In celebration of the tourist tat that we would only buy when intoxicated on holiday madness and the scent of sun lotion, I will be sharing with you some super tacky souvenirs and if anyone would like to feature their fabulous trinkets on this blog then send me a photo on email at and tell me all about it!

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