alphabet dating ideas

What is Alphabet Dating?

Alphabet Dating is thinking of fun dates to do for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a great way of answering that age old question “what shall we do this weekend?”.

You can plan dates with a significant other. Or family days out. Or mate dates! It’s entirely up to you. And you can do them however often you like!

Alphabet Dating Ideas

The list below includes links to the Alphabet Dates I did with my husband. Not all of these are suitable or feasible for everyone so I will include other ideas as well.

If any bloggers out there have great content to include here, drop me a line and I’ll link up!

A – Visit an aquarium, Go alpaca trekking, Go for afternoon tea, Anything Alice in Wonderland themed!

B – Visit a brewery, We saw a Rob Beckett comedy gig and Leon Bridges in concert,

C – Visit a cat cafe, Go camping, We flew to Cuba,

D – Cook for each other on a dinner date, Have fun at a Disney theme park,

E – Try to solve an Escape Room,

F – Get nostalgic at Friends Fest!

G – Go to a gig, Explore the outdoors geocaching,

H – Attend a Halloween event,

I – Have brunch in an igloo, We went to Italy,

J – Eat at a Japanese restaurant,

K – Act like Kids for the day!

L – We saw Levison Wood on tour,

M – Attend a Moroccan cookery class,

N – A night in with Nandos and Netflix!

O – Enjoy an Outdoor concert,

P – Go Punting in Canterbury (or Cambridge),

Q – Unleash your inner adrenalin junkie quad biking, Indulge in something a bit quirky,

RRelax at a spa hotel,

S – Host a Stranger Things theme night, Attend Spy Academy,

T – Visit a gin distillery for a tasting tour,

U – Enjoy a meal at a USA themed restaurant,

V – Eat at a Vegan cafe, Do volunteer work, Enjoy the view from the top,

W – Indulge in some wine tasting,

X – Ideas welcome.

Y – Ideas welcome.

Z – Ideas welcome.