Beer for brunch – XXXX Brewery Tour

XXXX Brewery in Brisbane Australia

XXXX Brewery Tour Brisbane

During our visit to Brisbane we decided to do the XXXX Brewery Tour as neither hubby nor I had ever done a brewery tour before so thought it might be something quite fun and different.

As the tours are at set times and it was our last full day in Australia, we wanted to get ourselves onto the 11am tour so we’d have the rest of the day at leisure. We were running a bit late so neglected to eat any breakfast, got lost finding the entrance to the brewery and arrived hot, sweaty and 5 minutes late. Not the best start to the day but the lovely people at XXXX said we could still join the 11am tour, so it was all good.

We were given a free XXXX branded baseball cap each to keep and also were required to wear lanyards, goggles and fluorescent vests. I also had to wear some plimsolls they provided as I was wearing open toes shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever looked so attractive.

There were a handful of other people on our tour and we were led around by a guy named Hoff who was very knowledgeable and had a really dry sense of humour! We were shown a clever video of the XXXX story and taken around to see the working brewery in all its action. If you want to know how beer is made then I suggest you either google it or take the tour yourself because I can’t even begin to tell you.

Beer on the conveyor belts at the XXXX brewery in Queensland

After seeing the brewing tanks and all the bottles whizzing about the factory on conveyor belts, we were taken into what I guess you would call a small museum dedicated to the history of the beer. We could see all the different bottle designs, the XXXX mascot as well as other paraphernalia.

Mascot and paraphernalia at the XXXX brewery

1878 bottle of Castlemaine ale - taken at the XXXX brewery

At the very end of the tour, after we removed all our health and safety gear, we were taken into the bar to sample four of the different beers brewed there. I can’t remember what they all were but it was fun to taste them all, even though I’m not much of a beer drinker.¬†Our tickets also included a free full sized beer to enjoy in the bar after tasting the samples.

XXXX Brewery Tour - free samples

The barman had accidentally poured an extra beer so kindly offered it to my husband and then I was offered a glass of champagne because they had poured too many glasses out for the people who were celebrating the Melbourne Cup in the bar. Naturally, we found ourselves a bit drunk! Beer for brunch, what piss heads!

As we were naughty and hadn’t eaten, we decided to stay at the XXXX bar for lunch and get something to soak up that alcohol. My husband had a yummy looking burger, while I opted for a healthier meal and had a delicious salmon dish.

Salmon dish at the XXXX brewery in Brisbane

The atmosphere in the bar was great, there was a large group of people enjoying watching the horse racing on a big screen, while we just sat in some comfy seats and had a leisurely meal. Perhaps it was all that beer making me feel that way!

I enjoyed my time at the XXXX Brewery alot more than I expected (as beer isn’t my tipple of choice), the staff were all really friendly too, so if you’re ever in Brisbane and fancy doing something a little different then go check it out!

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