Our Sri Lanka adventure: part 3

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

Something for your Sri Lanka Bucket List…

Chaaya Village Habarana was to be our base for two nights and our room was a cute little cottage style room. The hotel grounds themselves made you feel very in touch with nature, with the surrounding trees and the lake close by, the squirrels in the trees and the dragonflies bobbing around the swimming pool.

Cottage style accommodation at Chaaya Village Habarana

Lake at Chaaya Village Habarana

Our morning was going to be spent at one of the biggest attractions in Sri Lanka, quite literally. Sigiriya – a 200 metre tall rock fortress and one of Sri Lanka’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

It was a challenging climb to say the least, especially in the heat, but the view from the top was well worth the effort and definitely something bucket-list worthy.

Blonde haired girl admiring the view from the top of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

The view from Sigiriya

You start off with a relatively gentle climb, where you can see the wild monkeys and the naked lady frescoes, and eventually you will end up at the famous lion paws (Sigiriya is also known as ‘Lion Rock’ or ‘Lion Mountain’). Once you reach the lion paws, this is where the climb becomes difficult, mainly because of the heat. I won’t lie, I had a moment when I reached the top where I thought I was going to pass out! Not everyone in our tour group made it to the top, of the 8 of us, only 5 of us attempted the climb.

Frescoes at Sigiriya Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan monkeys at Sigiriya

Sigiriya aka Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

Climbing down Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

After an exhausting morning, we headed back to the hotel to spend the afternoon relaxing beside the pool, which was a lovely treat after a sweaty and sweltering start to the day.

The swimming pool at the Chaaya Village Habarana might have even been my favourite pool during our whole stay in Sri Lanka! And I loved trying to photograph the stunning dragonfly as it bobbed near me while I took a refreshing dip.

Swimming pool at Chaaya Village Habarana, Sri Lanka

A red dragonfly in Sri Lanka

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