A view from the top: Stratosphere Tower – Las Vegas, USA

Following my post A View from the Top: Sky Tower Auckland, I thought I’d throw a #throwbackthursday at you, because I’m in a nostalgic kinda mood.

Stratosphere Tower – Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas

The Stratosphere is one of the many hotels that sit twinkling on the Las Vegas strip. If you’ve ever been to Vegas then you’ll know that each hotel has it’s own theme, e.g. there are gondolas at The Venetian, circus acts at Circus Circus and flamingoes at The Flamingo (well, duh!). The Stratosphere’s claim to fame is its tower – the tallest freestanding tower in the USA, standing at 1149 ft.

The Stratosphere Tower on the Las Vegas strip. Head up for the perfect view from the top!


The views from the 360 degree observation deck are fantastic. You get iconic views of the strip and it looks especially magical if you head up there at night time when you can see Vegas in all its glittering glory!

View from the top - the bright lights of Vegas from the top of the Stratosphere.
The photos don’t do it justice


The lights up on the deck indoors make it quite tricky to get decent photos without random glares in them and if you go outside, be prepared for it to be crazy windy out there (or at least it was when I visited) – I felt like I was going to get blown away!

The photos don't do it justice! View from the Stratosphere in Vegas
Not the best of photos!


There are not only bars, restaurants and a sky jump up there but there’s also three thrill rides! There’s the Big Shot which shoots you straight up even higher, Insanity – where a mechanical arm spins you around 900ft above the strip and then there’s X-scream where you are catapulted off the tower edge! I couldn’t decide which would scare the crap out of me the most and just stuck to the thrill of the views!

One of the 3 terrifying rides at the top of the Stratosphere Tower


It was just magic to see Las Vegas from this height and if I ever got to go back I would love to dine at the Top of the World restaurant. I would even go as far to say that I think The Stratosphere may be one of, if not the favourite of all my View from the Top adventures!

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Some of the hotels on the Vegas strip. View from The Stratosphere Tower.

A view from the top: Sky Tower Auckland – New Zealand

It’s been a while since my last A View From The Top post so I thought it was about time I wrote another!

The view from the Sky Tower Auckland, New Zealand
The view!

Sky Tower Auckland

Sitting at 328 metres tall, the Sky Tower Auckland often features on a top things to do in Auckland list. It is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and in true Kiwi style you can do something extreme by either doing the skywalk around the top or even jumping off of it!

Sky Tower Auckland
View from the bottom

For those without crazy daredevil tendencies, the Sky Tower has 3 circular public observation levels where you can enjoy the views from behind the safety of glass windows.

Pros – You can get some pretty spectacular 360 degree views of Auckland up here. There’s also a couple of restaurants although I didn’t eat in them.

Cons – As with most tourist attractions, you have to pay to enter, which if there are a few of you it can soon work out quite pricey.

Surprises – Glass floors! There are sections of floor throughout the tower which are see-through and although the signs all say that the glass floors are just as strong as the concrete floors, you can’t help but feel a little dizzy and unsure when you stand on them!

Glass floor at Auckland Sky Tower
I know it’s perfectly safe but my stomach still did flip flops!

Verdict – I don’t regret for one second not jumping off it (the glass floors were enough to make my legs feel like jelly) but it might have been nice to have a meal in the revolving restaurant. Another tip of mine would be to catch the ferry over to Devonport and climb up Mount Victoria for the views of the Auckland skyline which include the Sky Tower!

Auckland Skyline
View of Auckland from Devonport

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A view from the top: Empire State Building – New York, USA

Continuing on from A view from the top: Sigiriya – Sri Lanka, I’ve decided to write a bit of a #throwbackthursday kind of post on perhaps one of the most famous landmarks in the world – The Empire State Building in New York City!

I had always wanted to visit NYC so jumped at the chance to go on a University trip which just happened to coincide with my 21st birthday. Of course, any trip to New York has to have the Empire State Building on it’s itinerary!


Even if you’ve never been to New York, no doubt you will have seen either the inside, outside or view from the Empire State Building on television or in the movies or even in the video of the music collaboration between Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (bet you’ve got that song in your head now!)

Pros – You’re in NYC baby! Although my photos aren’t the greatest (it was before I had a decent camera and knew about megabytes, megapixels and stuff like that) with the wonder of modern technology and a good eye you will get some awesome shots from up here.

Cons – It’s not as romantic as the movies might lead you to believe (I am looking at you Sleepless in Seattle!) and it can get quite crowded up there.

Surprises – This may not be a surprise to everyone, but for me I found that when I was approaching the Empire State Building on foot, it was a lot smaller than I imagined. I know that sounds crazy but everything is tall in New York so the Empire State blended in more than I had expected (sorry!)

Verdict – You can’t go to New York without visiting the Empire State and if I ever get back to the Big Apple you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be going back up there – with a snazzier camera too!


A view from the top: Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

Continuing on from A view from the top: Tokyo Tower, is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya Rock, situated in the beautiful teardrop-shaped island of Sri Lanka. Located in the Matale District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya (Lion Rock) sits at 200 metres tall and is one of the country’s most spectacular and most visited landmarks.

Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

The rock was home to a group of monks in 3rd century AD, however Sigiriya is most famous for becoming an unlikely setting for a royal palace. King Kassapa ruled from 477 AD to 495 AD and was born to a non-royal consort. Kassapa’s younger brother, of royal blood, had been proclaimed as their father’s heir to the kingdom and so Kassapa took it upon himself to murder his father and seize the throne from his brother. Fearing retaliation, Kassapa established his palace at the top of Sigiriya, a defensive place to reign from.

The famous lion paws at Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

Pros – It is quite an achievement to climb Sigiriya, no matter how tired you feel while doing so. The views are pretty rewarding and it’s worth taking a look at the frescoes part way up.

Cons – It is hot. And tiring. And you must make sure you take water with you as there is nowhere to purchase a bottle until you are right back at the bottom and on your way out.

Surprises – I was quite surprised by how broken up the climb is. You do a fair bit of climbing before you even reach the famous lion paws! Also watch out for the monkeys – they’ve been known to get a bit lairy.

Beware of the monkeys at Sigiriya, Sri Lanka!

Verdict – This is one of those things you do that you only truly appreciate once the moment has passed. I thought the heat and tiredness would kill me before I reached the top but I’m glad I made the climb up as the views are spectacular!

The view from Sigiriya Rock Fortress

A view from the top: Tokyo Tower – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower – Tokyo, Japan

Continuing on from A view from the top: Campanile di San Marco, another tall attraction in another fantastic city, is Tokyo Tower.

A view from the top - Tokyo Tower in Japan.

Although not the world’s most famous tower, at 333m tall the Tokyo Tower is the world’s tallest, self-supporting steel tower. Not as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, Tokyoites are pretty proud of the fact that it is both taller and lighter than the famous Parisian landmark. While by day it may look like the love child of the Eiffel Tower and a candy cane, the Tokyo Tower does serve a function other than amusing tourists – it is used to broadcast signals for Japanese television and radio.

Pros – There’s live music up there. Also, in true Japanese fashion, the tower has its own mascots known as the Noppon Brothers. The Noppon Brothers look a bit like big pink tear drops and have their own interesting mottos

“Look at things with a hot heart with the cool touch”
“Start with small things and keep going on steady”.

Cons – Like all good attractions, you have to pay to enter (around ¥820 or roughly £6 at time of writing). I hear that there is another building in Tokyo where you can take in a decent view of the city for free (sorry not sure where!)

A view from the Tokyo Tower in Japan - part 2 of my A View From The Top series.

Surprises – I guess the Noppon Brothers are a bit of surprise – until you remember you are in Japan and that characters aren’t just for children in a land where even businessmen have kawaii phone charms.

Verdict – It’s worth a look if you’re into your cities and landmarks, makes a change from the countless photos taken of the New York skyline, although if I get back to Japan I will seek out new heights – perhaps if I’m rich enough I’ll go stay at the Park Hyatt and have my own ‘Lost in Translation‘ moment!

A view from the Tokyo Tower in Japan - part 2 of my A View From The Top series.