A view from the top: Sky Tower Auckland – New Zealand

The view from the Sky Tower Auckland, New Zealand

It’s been a while since my last A View From The Top post so I thought it was about time I wrote another!

Sky Tower Auckland

Sitting at 328 metres tall, the Sky Tower Auckland often features on a top things to do in Auckland list. It is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and in true Kiwi style you can do something extreme by either doing the skywalk around the top or even jumping off of it!

Sky Tower Auckland
View from the bottom

For those without crazy daredevil tendencies, the Sky Tower has 3 circular public observation levels where you can enjoy the views from behind the safety of glass windows.

Pros – You can get some pretty spectacular 360 degree views of Auckland up here. There’s also a couple of restaurants although I didn’t eat in them.

Cons – As with most tourist attractions, you have to pay to enter, which if there are a few of you it can soon work out quite pricey.

Surprises – Glass floors! There are sections of floor throughout the tower which are see-through and although the signs all say that the glass floors are just as strong as the concrete floors, you can’t help but feel a little dizzy and unsure when you stand on them!

Glass floor at Auckland Sky Tower
I know it’s perfectly safe but my stomach still did flip flops!

Verdict – I don’t regret for one second not jumping off it (the glass floors were enough to make my legs feel like jelly) but it might have been nice to have a meal in the revolving restaurant. Another tip of mine would be to catch the ferry over to Devonport and climb up Mount Victoria for the views of the Auckland skyline which include the Sky Tower!

Auckland Skyline
View of Auckland from Devonport

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  1. Oh wow. No wonder your stomach did flip flops on the glass floor, mine just did them too and that was just looking at your pictures. It’s amazing how photos can make you feel like you are actually there and also a little bit like you might fall through too. I have seen video footage of people jumping off this but I don’t think I would be brave enough (although never say never!)

    Sally @ Life Loving

  2. quirkylittleplanet

    I thought I would do something nutty like a bungee but I realised I’m actually quite happy just soaking up the view without throwing myself off these things!!

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