A view from the top: The Round Tower – Copenhagen, Denmark

A view from the top: The Round Tower - Copenhagen, Denmark

I’m pretty much starting to believe that any city you visit will have a building you can travel up to take in the views. Copenhagen is no different. So for a view from the top in Denmark’s capital, I would suggest The Round Tower or Rundetaarn in Danish.

Located on one of the city’s busiest shopping streets, this 17th century tower is one of Copenhagen’s most iconic buildings. It was built by King Christian IV and used as an astronomical observatory.

View of Copenhagen

Pros – As far as my view from the top series goes, the entrance fee for Rundetaarn is a reasonable 40DKK (just over £4GBP). We also didn’t have to queue and there’s a traffic light system at the very top to avoid colliding with other people on your way up/down, although I don’t know how many tourists observed it.

The Spiral Ramp

Cons – No offense to the Danes but Copenhagen doesn’t quite have the impressive skyline of some other cities. Sorry! Plus we were hoping to have a peek inside the observatory but it was roped off.

Surprises – The majority of your journey climbing The Round Tower is up a spiral ramp rather than steps. It winds 7 and a half times around the hollow core of the building. Halfway up the tower there is also a large art and design exhibition hall where you can buy a souvenir or a refreshment.

The exhibition hall at The Round Tower
The exhibition hall

Verdict – Worth a look if you’re in the area and have time. It is worth noting that although the tower has a ramp, there are still steps at the very top. Therefore it is not very accessible for visitors in wheelchairs.


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