Let’s talk about socks, baby!

On Saturday, we had a gloriously hot summers day here in England and as anyone who is familiar with the unpredictable British weather knows – if it’s a sunny day, you make the most of it! So naturally, I spent the day in the garden. When it’s beautiful weather and I’m relaxing outdoors, I can’t help but notice the aeroplanes flying overhead across the cloudless blue sky. If you’re a travel nerd like me then no doubt you will be wondering where that plane is headed and where it has come from, daydreaming about holidays and travel. This in turn got me to thinking about my up and coming travels, where by my calculation (maths has never been my strong subject so bear with me) I will be spending approximately 56 hours up in the air in total – that’s alot of time spent cramped in a tiny space (unless someone wants to buy me a flight upgrade? anyone??).

56 hours in the air calls for some in-flight necessities and number one on my list is flight socks. Everyone knows about the dangers of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) when travelling and I am aware that health experts recommend wearing compression socks, particularly when flying, to help prevent DVT.

I was recently introduced to HJ Hall’s Flysafe Travel Socks¬†which fit the bill. They are unisex and come in a range of sizes and colours.

HJ Hall's Flysafe Travel Socks

Sure they aren’t the sexiest items in the world, but really they are designed to be discreet and worn under loose fitting clothing (wearing loose fitting clothing, as well as doing in-flight anti-dvt exercises and drinking plenty of water are recommended flight must-dos!). They are good for aiding the prevention of circulatory problems, swollen ankles and tired aching legs. Having suffered from swollen feet and ankles on more than one occasion when travelling I am definitely going to be packing these into my carry-on!

I must hasten to add that I am no medical professional, so if you are unsure whether flight socks are right for you, particularly if you have any medical issues such as diabetes, then please speak to your doctor.

If you aren’t likely to be travelling any time soon, then I would like to point out that HJ Hall also stock a whole host of other socks including some bright and quirky ones – great for people who have a hard time pairing up their socks when they take them out of the washing machine!


Please note, this was a sponsored post for which I received a pair of flight socks to review. All thoughts are my own.

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