You know you’re a travel nerd when…

You have a shelf full of travel books.

You own at least one item of clothing with city names written on it.

You know about attractions and things to do in places you’ve never been.

You know the capital of <insert random country here>.

There is at least one globe or map in your home.

Infact, you love anything with a vintage map on it.

You scrapbook your adventures.

You have a years subscription to a travel magazine.

You even own a sweatshirt sporting said magazine’s logo.

You collect foreign currency.

Your fridge is covered in magnets from your various trips.

Your Travel board on Pinterest has thousands more pins than the rest of your boards.

You watch all the travel programmes on tv and wish you had the presenter’s job.

You can recognise an obscure landmark in a photo, even if you’ve never visited there.

You love listening to other people’s travel stories.

Your bucket list consists of travel-related dreams and your wishlist is as long as your arm.

You have a travel inspired tattoo.

You keep your old passport(s) for all the nice stamps.

You have at least 10 travel apps on your smart phone.

Whenever you see an aeroplane flying overhead, you always wonder where it’s headed to or where it has come from.

You write a travel blog.

So come on wanderlusters, how many of these apply to you? And what have I missed? Answers on a postcard (or just leave a comment below!)

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  1. Oh boy the majority apply to me. I have a map above me right now with all the spots I have travelled to marked on it, a sticky on the map that says where I want to still go, a globe (a huge one) around the corner from me and stacks upon stacks of travel books everywhere I look. I also look longingly at every plane above and my biggest pain is going to the airport and I don’t get to fly somewhere as I am picking up someone instead!

  2. quirkylittleplanet

    Hahaha yep sounds like you are definitely a travel nerd! I will admit that most of these are true for me too, although not all of them… *runs off to the tattoo parlour*

  3. A lot of these fit me. I’ve got a bookshelf full of travel books and magazines, and I’ve been known to be unable to find any American coins in my wallet! I’m also guilty of filling my free time with geography/travel-related trivia games.

    1. quirkylittleplanet

      Yep you’re a definite travel nerd too! Oh the travel trivia is a good one!

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