Cafe Tropicana – Book Review

Cafe Tropicana Book Review

Cafe Tropicana By Belinda Jones

I’ve mentioned it before but I am a big fan of Belinda Jones‘s novels, mainly because the protagonists are easy for me to identify with and the books are always set in exciting, exotic locations around the world. The most recent one I read was called Cafe Tropicana – about a recently heartbroken woman named Ava who decides to pursue her dream of running her own coffee shop. After a few hiccups at home in England, she ends up in Costa Rica where her estranged and wealthy father basically buys her a coffee shop to run, the only trouble is she has some fierce competition in the form of Santiago – a man so perfect he’s like the son her father never had.

Costa Rica is somewhere that sits highly on my travel bucket list and Cafe Tropicana fuelled my wanderlust even further. I did find this book to be fairly predictable but only because I could identify with our heroine Ava’s personality…

*** spoiler alert ***

Cafe Tropicana Book Review

I mean, given the choice between confident action man Ryan and his ziplines and quad bikes or dark and brooding Santiago and his fireflies and sea turtles, I know who would make me swoon!

Despite predicting the outcome of this curious love triangle, it left me wanting more and I would love it if Belinda wrote a sequel about Ava and her best friend Ollie’s Costa Rican vacation!

You can find Belinda on twitter @belindatravels and you can also find little old me right here too @quirkylilplanet

Update: Since this review was written I’ve had my own adventure in Costa Rica which you can read on this blog!

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