Arcadia Earth NYC – Immersive art meets environmentalism

Arcadia Earth NYC is an immersive art exhibition with educational storytelling surrounding environmental issues. Described as ‘The First Immersive Augmented Reality Journey Through Planet Earth’, it is unlike any museum I have visited before.

Arcadia Earth is best experienced with their app which you download on your phone so you can experience the full augmented reality aspect of the exhibit. For those who don’t know, augmented reality enhances your visit by showing you extra things, such as animated creatures, which you wouldn’t see without the app. It also allows you to take photos and videos which you can then download.

Arcadia Earth NYC
Augmented reality creatures

Aside from the digital aspect of walking amongst jellyfish and the like, the exhibit includes art installations and sculptures made from recycled and waste materials, much of which is plastic. There are also written pieces dotted about the space with facts about our planet and ways in which you can improve your environmental footprint.

Arcadia Earth New York

There is quite an Avatar-like quality to the experience as you’re guided through the rainforests and under the sea. Generally, there is something to entertain most ages, but most importantly educate us all more on our environmental impact.

I think everyone would benefit from visiting this exhibit, especially New Yorkers. The amount of single use plastic served up in my hotel at breakfast time was disgraceful! Unfortunately the exhibit is no longer open, however Arcadia Earth has (and has had) similar exhibits elsewhere in the United States and other countries. So if you get the chance, go check it out!

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