Afternoon tea with cats

Afternoon tea with cats

Now that I work for an RSPCA cattery and have a pet cat of my own, you would assume I would get enough cat petting time in my day to day life.

However, my response to you is “Never!”.

So on my day off I took my mum and my dear old nan to The Cosy Cat Cafe in Herne Bay, Kent. What could be better than a seaside afternoon tea with cats?

I like cats more than people

The Cosy Cat Cafe, Herne Bay

Generally with cat cafes, due to popularity pre-booking is essential. As we were having afternoon tea booking was required at least 48 hours in advance.

The cafe is situated in Herne Bay town centre, just a short stroll away from the seafront. Upon arrival we rang the bell and were let inside using the double door system to stop any naughty kitties from escaping. The lady who greeted us told us a little bit about the cafe and some of the cats who were lounging within petting distance. Obviously some cats don’t enjoy as much fuss as others, so it’s good to learn about each individual.

cats sitting on stuff

We were instantly made to feel at home. We were shown to our table and told we could go upstairs if we wished to buy anything in the little shop or visit any cat we may find up there. There was also a garden we could go into, where the cats can also enjoy some fresh air. The garden has a large net roof to stop the cats escaping but it’s quite high so not claustrophobic.

pretty cat

At the time of our visit, the cafe had 14 lovely cats, all of whom were rescued. Many of the cats have had difficult lives. And in some cases have been overlooked in the rescue for years.

Regarding cat welfare, the cafe is designed as such that the cats have several easy escape routes and high resting places if being with customers becomes a little too much.

cats up high

Afternoon tea with cats

The food was typical afternoon tea fare with a selection of sandwiches on the bottom plate, followed by a scone and then an assortment of sweet treats. As I’m vegetarian, I had my own tower which consisted mainly of cheese and tomato based sandwiches, as well as a little salad and some coleslaw. The food was plentiful and filling as it always is with afternoon tea.

The whole vibe was relaxed and the staff didn’t mind us wandering about to visit the resident furballs.

If you’re looking for a cosy afternoon treat then I would definitely recommend!

cosy cat

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