Crossing the International Date Line – December 1st Photo Diary

International Date Line

I may have mentioned at the end of last year that I had crossed the International Date Line, something I’ve never done before. I began 1st December 2015 in Fiji and repeated the day again in Los Angeles – how terribly jetset of me!

So while I was travelling I thought it would be fun to do a little photo diary of my very very long day!

6.30am – Fiji time – Rise and shine. A photo of our room, a traditional Fijian bure at Robinson Crusoe Island Resort.

Bure in Fiji

7.30am – Waiting for the boat to the mainland, Viti Levu.

Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji

7.45am – Still waiting for our boat (typical Fiji time!) but at least we have company… Friday the cat <3

Friday the Black Cat

8.05am – Finally got the boat!

Leaving Fiji

8.30am – We meet our guide and our tour around Fiji begins!

Driving Fiji

9.15am – Walking Sigatoka Sand Dunes. It was sweltering hot even at this time!

Sigatoka Sand Dunes in Fiji

10.10am – Joining a Kava ceremony and watching the ladies making pottery at the Nakabuta pottery village.

Ladies making pottery in Fiji

11.30am – Admiring the birds and other wonderful creatures at Kula Eco Park. I especially liked this peacock!

Beautiful peacock in Fiji

1pm – Pre-lunch pit stop for some delicious pineapple and papaya at a roadside fruit stall.

Fruit stall in Fiji

2.20pm – Lunch time! Fish and chips for a bargain $8 FJD.

Fish and chips in Fiji

3.25pm – Admiring the flowers at The Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Fiji

5pm – Bathing in the mud pools. Getting dirty before freshening up for our flight!

Mud pool in Fiji

6.30pm – At the airport with plenty of time to spare. We’re on the 2140 to Los Angeles.

International departures

7.30pm – Fast food before flight.

Burger King airport meal

9.30pm – We’ve boarded the flight and got settled into our seats. This is our route crossing the International Date Line.

International Date Line

*** 10 hour flight *** You have been spared photos of aeroplane food and me attempting to sleep but not really being able to and getting puffy eyed and delirious in the process… and not the good kind of delirious.

2pm – Los Angeles time. We battle the traffic (thankfully not us driving!) and arrive at our studio apartment Airbnb for a snooze.

Studio apartment

5.30pm – Showered and fresh in body even if a little hazy in mind. Headed out to explore. The mall at Hollywood & Highland was literally round the corner from our apartment! Awesome!

Shopping and dining at Hollywood & Highland

6.30pm – I’m seeing stars.

Walt Disney's star on the Hollywood walk of fame

7.20pm – Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Yes I am eating fries again. And yes I am ashamed of myself, but I am also severely jetlagged and sick of aeroplane food too! At least the non-alcoholic cocktail has fruit in it ok!

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

And after this, we returned to the apartment and went straight to bed!

Here concludes my longest day ever in the history of my life, but it was also super fun and awesome!

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  1. What a journey! It must have been quite a culture shock (in a good way!) going from a Fijian beach straight to LA 🙂 The little beach hut you stayed in looks adorable too!

    1. quirkylittleplanet

      Yeah going from a near deserted island to the LA traffic kinda was! 🙂 Loved it though 🙂

  2. If you’re going to have to have an extra long day this is definitely the way to do it!

    1. quirkylittleplanet

      Absolutely! Still seems like a dream!

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