3 places to see the stars in Hollywood

When you think of Hollywood you immediately think of glitz, glamour and movie legends. So here’s my brief run-down of where to see the stars (kinda!).

1. Book a Movie Star Homes Tour

We took a tour with Starline who depart from Hollywood Boulevard among other locations. We were taken up into the Hollywood Hills where we saw the houses and former houses of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.

The gate to Michael Jackson's former home in Hollywood
Michael Jackson’s Former Home

We got to see the Hollywood sign (albeit from a distance) and also took a trip down Rodeo Drive. We were told that Rodeo Drive would be the best place to spot a celeb but sadly our luck was out that day. If we had had more time in L.A. then I’m sure we would have gone back for a spot of window shopping and playing paparazzi.

Take a Movie Star Homes Tour and go celeb spotting on Rodeo Drive
Cruising down Rodeo Drive

2. Get up close and personal at Madame Tussauds

Ok so I cheated slightly with this one, but you can always take a selfie with Will Smith’s wax form or something and pretend to all your friends back home that you just so happened to bump into him as you were hanging out in some hip L.A. club or loitering outside the Chateau Marmont or wherever.

Places to see the stars in Hollywood - how about Madame Tussauds?
Just chillin with the Fresh Prince!

We actually got free tickets to Madame Tussauds as part of a deal with the movie stars homes tour so it was a win for us. Plus it’s fun doing silly poses with the wax works!

Have your picture taken with Zorro at Madame Tussauds Hollywood
Posing with Zorro
Bruce Lee at Madame Tussauds Los Angeles
Beaten by Bruce Lee

3. Check out the Walk of Fame

So it’s unlikely that you’re going to see Hugh Jackman just casually strolling down the Walk of Fame but you might very well see a Wolverine looky-likey who will have his picture taken with you for a couple of dollars. You’ll be guaranteed to spot a Marilyn Monroe and at least 3 Spidermans (or should that be Spidermen?) too.

Hugh Jackman's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hugh Jackman’s star on the Walk of Fame

There are of course literal stars on the pavements here so don’t forget to take some snaps of your favourites. You can even find out whose star is where beforehand right here.

So there you have my tongue in cheek list of top 3 places to see the stars in Hollywood – you’re welcome I’m sorry! Have you ever been to L.A? And did you bump into anyone famous?

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3 places to see the stars in Hollywood - read all about it!

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  1. Have been to Hollywood several times, as LA is only about 2 hours away. Have yet to see a movie star. It is such a weird place, because it is so seedy down there. We actually went into one of the studio compounds when my sons tried out for a Nickelodeon show years ago. That is certainly an fascinating side of the entertainment industry to see, the inner workings of a studio. I have never been on one of those movie star tours though – that would be interesting.

    1. quirkylittleplanet

      I found it odd that one minute we’re looking at Quentin Tarantino’s 9 bedroom mansion in the hills and then the next we’re walking past several homeless people on the boulevard.

      If I ever go back to LA I would love to do all of the studio tours. We visited the Warner Bros set and it was BRILLIANT! I will write a post about it eventually…

      1. I know, the contrast is scary. We saw several homeless people near Rodeo, as the Bentleys and gold Mercedes drove past. The studios are cool. My one son actually made it onto the show, and so I got to experience hours and hours in the green room with the Hollywood Moms. UGH. But it is amazing how they can take a cavernous sound set and transform it into something. It’s all some and mirrors, very much like LA (seems glitzy from a distance) but is really seedy and dirty once you get into it.

        1. quirkylittleplanet

          Oh wow thats exciting! Does he still do stuff on tv? Yeah i think you’ve summed LA up perfectly there!

          1. No he did that one thing. He still gets the casting email notices – but bodybuilding seems to be their main focus right now. LA is a funny town, I used to think it was so glamorous when I saw it in the movies, but it is really far from it. And the air quality is so poor down there, I am surprised people in LA don’t all wear face masks.

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