PAJ GPS Easy Finder 4G Review

PAJ GPS Easy Finder

If you’re someone who flies regularly then it is likely that you may have encountered lost baggage at some point during your travels. Lost luggage is certainly something that crosses my mind. But what if you could have that extra peace of mind by using a GPS tracker on your checked bags? That’s where the PAJ GPS Easy Finder comes in.

What’s in the box?

The PAJ GPS Easy Finder box includes the GPS device, a protective case, a charger plug and lead, two small loops for attaching to an item (if you so wish), plus a lanyard ribbon for wearing. There is also a quick start guide to get you going.

Inside the GPS box

Getting started with PAJ GPS

Firstly you must charge the device. You also need to activate and register your device online. Once you have done that, download the app onto your mobile phone and you’re good to go!

It is worth noting that a subscription is required in order to ensure the proper functionality of the device, but there is no commitment period.

Getting started with PAJ GPS


There are quite a lot of features available with this GPS. It can monitor the routes taken within the last 365 days, real-time location, plus coverage in over 100 countries.

One of the best features of this GPS is its versatility. Now you may be wondering why a device that you pop into your suitcase would have a lanyard ribbon, this would be for if you want to place the device onto a loved one, such as a child. There is also an SOS alert button which when pressed sends an alert to the person monitoring the GPS device.

There are many other features included on the portal app, of which I have not fully explored. I am also yet to test this out in my suitcase. However, I did place the device into my bag on a day out and was suitable impressed with how it functioned.

Our route to the coast
A close up


All in all it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the device and features but I’m looking forward to trying it out in my suitcase next time I hop on a plane.

This versatile little thing could also be used to pop into your husband’s gym bag when he tells you he’s off to badminton classes but is actually having a cheeky McDonalds. Or you could attach it to your elderly grandmother to see when she leaves the house for a naughty packet of cigarettes. Of course, I am joking but you get my point.

There are also other types of GPS devices available from PAJ, including ones for tracking vehicles. All of these can be found on the PAJ GPS website.

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