Neighbours Night – Melbourne for the Aussie soap nut

Alan Fletcher aka Karl Kennedy

Neighbours Night

Us Brits do love an Australian soap, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the sunshine, maybe it’s that dream we all secretly have of becoming ‘Poms in Paradise’ or maybe it’s just that our soaps seem so dreary and depressing by comparison. I’ll admit it now, I love Neighbours, so when I planned my trip to Australia I knew that I wanted to do both the Neighbours Tour and the Neighbours Night (don’t judge me).

The day of our Neighbours Night, we had caught a flight from Sydney to Melbourne, checked into our hotel, freshened up and then we were off out into the city trying to navigate our way in our new surroundings and attempting to figure out the whole tram system – we only realised we were at our stop because we overheard someone else’s conversation!

Neighbours Nights are held every Monday at The Elephant and Wheelbarrow pub in St Kilda. To sum it up, the night is the most memorable pub quiz you’ll probably go to.

Neighbours Night at The Elephant and Wheelbarrow pub in St Kilda, Melbourne.

On our night I reckon about 90% of people in the room were British and Irish, 2% Canadian and the rest Australian. We shared our table with a bunch of lovely Irish backpackers who we did our quiz with. The Neighbours cast members who are there that night are introduced by the host and there’s a bit of a Q&A session going on, followed by the quiz.

While the quiz is taking place, the cast members (past and present) circulate the room and pose for photos and spend time chatting with everyone. It’s very well-organised and the good thing about this is that everybody gets their turn with the actors. We got to meet Janelle Timmins, Steve and Riley Parker and the legend that is Karl Kennedy.

Neighbours Night

There’s also other fun and games like dancing competitions where our team mates actually won themselves a trip! Finally, the night ends with a live performance from Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) and his band ‘Waiting Room’ and I defy you not to sing along to ‘Sleeping along side of Susan’!

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