I’m back! (and in an Empire State of Mind)

It’s been a while hasn’t it? No excuses for my absence, not even going to blame the Covid pandemic on this one, I just lost my passion for blogging. That’s it.

But I’ve just returned from New York City with a renewed excitement for all things travel and blog related, so I’m doing a little spring cleaning behind the scenes and attempting to revive this ol’ thing. I’ll be sharing some of my most recent adventures, NYC and beyond, but also trips that took place prior to the pandemic, so obviously restrictions and whatnot might have changed, but it’s my blog so I’ll write whatever I want! ;-p

I won’t be getting bogged down in social media strategy, content planning and all that malarkey because quite frankly, I can’t be bothered and I’m far too free-spirited for that!

So if there’s anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy it. If not then, hello to my future self reading this!

Peace, Love & Wanderlust x

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