Venice at sunrise – Weekly photo challenge: Early bird

I love a weekend summer morning. A bright, fresh, brand new day ahead of me gives me a sense of optimism and freedom – especially if I have no plans for the day. Ironically, I am not really “a morning person” and as much as I love a sunny morning, I love my bed and my weekend lie-in more. However, sometimes we have no choice but to get up before sunrise and sometimes we are glad that we did.

After a long weekend in Venice, our departure was an early one, but this was one of those ‘drag yourself out of bed’ moments you can look back on and be grateful for. St Mark’s Square at sunrise is wonderfully peaceful and a complete contrast to the the square during the day, overcrowded with tourists.


These photos were taken at approximately 5.30am, when there was just us, one or two early morning wanderers and the pigeons up and awake. Oh and not forgetting a bride, groom and photographer… although I wasn’t sure if they were genuine newlyweds or if they were actually fashion models. I didn’t like to ask, but either way they were avoiding potential photo-bombers.


If you’re in Venice, try to take a walk at dawn. But shhh keep it to yourself otherwise everyone will be doing it!


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