Veganuary update

I wanted to write a mid month update but wordpress was playing up and I couldn’t log in to my blog! So anyway, how is veganuary going now I’m over halfway through?

Easier than anticipated!

I’m probably not the picture of vegan health as I haven’t touched any kale or tofu yet but I feel ok and I’m eating other nutrients.

What has been the biggest challenge?

Cheese! I miss cheese. Nothing fancy, just a simple cheddar or my favourite – melted double gloucester. I have tried a couple of vegan cheeses that hardcore vegans say are amazing but in all honesty, on first taste I think “this is ok” but then the more I try it, the more I dislike it. And now I’m reluctant to purchase any more because it’s a waste if I don’t like it.

What has helped?

I decided to give Gousto a go as it’s a great way to learn new recipes without committing to buying big bottles of rice wine vinegar or chilli jam or whatever as they provide all the ingredients you need for each recipe you pick. I selected 4 vegan recipes and they were delish! I would probably recreate 3 out of the 4 again (incase you’re wondering… the burger meal was good, just nothing special compared to the other 3 dishes).

Gousto vegan dish

Gousto vegan dish

Gousto vegan dish

Gousto vegan dish

If you want to try your own Gousto vegan dishes then I have a referral code – 65% off your first box and 30% off all others in your first month! (No I am not sponsored or affiliated with Gousto, I am just sharing the love). Also you don’t have to pick vegan as they have LOADS of choices.

Take me to the gousto vegan dishes!

What have I enjoyed?

I discovered an app called abillion where for every review you write about a vegan product or restaurant dish you are given a dollar to donate to charity. So far I have written 56 reviews. They don’t have to be long but they must include a photo and they must be vegan. It has been great to read other peoples opinions on products and discover new foods.

Any moments of weakness?

Honestly, no. Before I started I thought I would but I even avoided the cupcakes at work. Now that’s dedication!

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