Top 5 lists of 2015

This year has been epic. 2015 began with me celebrating the new year by letting my inner child loose at Disneyland Paris, and then after months of the day to day grind and working my butt off all year, I got to take the trip of a lifetime – I returned to Australia, ticked New Zealand off the bucket list, experienced true Fiji time and had whirlwind visits to Singapore and Los Angeles – so I have plenty to keep me busy blogging for 2016!

Tweeting from paradise

2015 wasn’t only a year of adventure, it was also a year of learning things, about myself, life and the world. But I won’t bore you with the deep and meaningfuls, let’s keep it simple!

5 things I learnt in 2015

1. A bold lipstick works wonders to brighten a dull, tired face.
This tip may not work so well for men, but feel free to try it.

2. I know that I will be ok in a zombie apocalypse.
I discovered at Spy Academy that I have a secret talent for shooting targets with an air rifle. I even impressed some burly ex-SAS men.

3. The Aboriginal word for ants (or indeed people who climb Uluru) is mingers.
In England the word minger refers to someone who is unattractive or unpleasant, i.e. “That spot on my face makes me look like a total minger today”. In Sri Lanka, a minger is some sort of delicious cocktail!

4. Money spiders do actually bring money.
I had one on my hat, moved it from said hat into some garden plants, 2 hours later I won £20 on a scratch card!

5. New Zealand make the best burgers.
I have never eaten so many burgers in the space of 3 and a half weeks!

Getting some Burger Fuel

As I quite like writing lists and I’ve been all inspired by the creative and colourful Mary from Uncustomary, I thought I would share with you a few more of my top 5’s for 2015…

Countries visited
1. New Zealand
2. Australia
3. USA
4. Fiji
5. Singapore

Quirky experiences
1. Going to spy academy
2. Alpaca trekking
3. Spending the night in jail
4. Bathing in a mudpool
5. Going sandboarding

1. Crossing the international date line
2. Horse riding
3. Seeing glow worms
4. Camping without a tent
5. Riding a segway

1. Not abandoning this blog
2. Surviving Black Water Rafting
3. Beating all the men at air rifle shooting
4. Sitting on the FRIENDS sofa
5. Finally experiencing New Zealand!

Tv shows 
1. The Walking Dead
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Pretty Little Liars (I’m only on season 2 so no spoilers please!)
4. The Mindy Project
5. New Girl

Animals (apart from my cat)
1. Kangaroo
2. Quokka
3. New Zealand fur seal
4. Alpaca
5. Thorny devil

Thorny Devil in Australia
Thorny devil, you guys!

How about you, what were your top 5 animals this year? Or how about tv shows? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @quirkylilplanet


7 thoughts on “Top 5 lists of 2015

  1. Love this post!!!. Wow, you have done and seen some amazing things, all in one year. I like the money spider story. Very cool!!!
    Favorite shows this year, “New Girl” and have just started watching “Dowton Abbey” and of course “Big Bang Theory”.

    1. Thanks 🙂 The money spider story is completely true, funny thing is, I’m scared of any spiders bigger than that! Haha!

  2. How amazing does that thorny devil look? I would have completely missed that and dismissed it as a twig and some crispy leaves. Love your round up. I can’t actually believe you’ve squeezed all that in, in just one year. Where has the year gone?

    Sally @ Life Loving

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