The wanderer returns…

2012 saw me start this blog.
2013 saw me abandon this blog.
2014 sees me resurrecting this blog.

A little while ago I saw a quote-

“Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang the best.” – Henry Van Dyke

I became a little overwhelmed and disheartened about writing this blog and so I stopped. I stopped because I was comparing myself to those I deemed better than me and if the internet has taught me one thing, it’s that-

  1. Comparison is the thief of joy
    2. You should never compare yourself to strangers on the internet.

So although I am not the best and never will be, I can carry on singing my merry little song all the while I am enjoying it, regardless if anyone is listening or not.

In my time absent from Quirky Little Planet I have… attended my first festival, gone on a road trip, taken up a new hobby, met one of my heroes, learnt to make sushi, ticked something off my bucket list, adopted an animal and changed my hair colour several times.

So I’m back behind the wheel of the spaceship now. Watch this space!

Oh… and incase you were wondering-
– I enjoyed myself but couldn’t do it for any longer than a day. Lack of sleep + dirty hair + portaloos + crowds = grumpy me.
– Wales. Roedd yn hyfryd.
– Jewellery making. It’s proving to be an expensive and not very lucrative hobby so far.
– Karl Pilkington. He was a really nice guy!
– Was surprisingly good at it and that was my lunch sorted for the next 3 days!
– Seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan (more on that later)
– A cat. His name is Rodney.
– From blonde to a reddish brown but an assortment of pinks and purples in between! Fickle much?

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