The Liebster Blog Award!

I’ve been pretty slack on the blog of late, it’s not that I haven’t got anything to write about – I have loads of ideas in my head – it’s just that I haven’t had much time (plus I think QLP may need a little makeover!). And so imagine my surprise when I find that I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by Jessica over at A Passion and a Passport (thank you Jessica! I’m very flattered!). I took it as a sign and got my laptop out.

As a bit of a newbie to the blogging world, I wasn’t really sure what it was, so here are the rules:

  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!
  • Make sure the blogs you choose have 200 or less followers (this one I may have to cheat a bit as I have no idea as to how many followers some blogs have!)

So here goes, 11 random facts about me!

1. One souvenir I always like to bring back from my travels is a fridge magnet from the place I have just been to. Nothing generic like a flower or a deckchair – it needs to give a flavour of the destination!

2. Another souvenir I like to bring back is a few coins of the currency. I keep them all in an overflowing pot. This is why the Euro disappoints me… so many countries yet only one currency to add to the collection.

3. I’m not a bad cook but I am hopeless at frying things – tossing pancakes, frying eggs, making omelette… that’s where I fail. I even burnt some oil I was heating last night and set the smoke alarms off because I got distracted by a magazine.

4. They’re kind of a big deal but I have never watched a Star Wars movie.

5. I love fancy dress! I wish more people would host fancy dress parties.

6. I also love taking photos. Most of the photography on this blog is my own.

7. At school, my favourite lesson was Art and my least favourite lessons were Maths and P.E.

8. When I was a child I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up.

9. My favourite colour is pink.

10. I love animals and I’d love to be a green-fingered earth mother but I can’t even remember to water the house plants!

11. Even though it’s supposed to be “impossible” I can lick my own elbow.

And my answers to Jessica’s questions…

1.If you could only go back to one country (horrible I know!), which one would it be and why?
Australia. Without a doubt. I went a few years ago thinking I would “get it out of my system” before settling down, but I was wrong. The country is just so vast and I barely touched the tip of the iceberg on my visit, plus I have family there and only got to see a few of them, so I would love to see the whole of my Aussie family, some of whom I have never even met.

2.What item do you need to bring with you where ever you go?
In every day life I always like to have my mobile phone on me, I feel that the day I go and forget it would surely be the day my car breaks down or some other disaster occurs. If you mean when travelling though, my answer changes – the mobile phone gets stashed away in the hotel safe and my camera becomes my must-have item, I love taking photos!

3.What do you prefer? The beach or the mountains?
Tough question. I think this would largely depend on where I was… if we’re talking climbing Everest or lounging in the Maldives, then beach wins. But if we’re talking some Spanish tacky tourist beach full of sun burnt Brits and cafes selling English breakfasts, or something beautiful and scenic with only goats and fresh air for company, like the mountains in Austria or something, then mountains wins.

4.What’s the best thing about blogging?
I get a kick out of people commenting on my blog. I love that I have a platform where I can say what I want and people are willing to read my thoughts and even take the time out to say hi. It’s very encouraging.

5.What’s your best tip for saving for traveling?
Set up a separate bank account. Preferably one that you can’t access too easily. Every time you get paid, add some money to this account and it will soon add up!

6.What food do you wish you could bring back home with you?
I love the novelty of foreign sweets that we can’t get in the UK. I especially love American candy. I waffled on about it here.

7.What’s your biggest travel regret?
Not taking a gap year/half year/whatever. I know this is something I can still do, and would still really like to do, but it’s just a little more complicated when you have house full of stuff, a mortgage and a permanent job. Although I believe it’s becoming more fashionable to take a Round-the-World trip when you’re a slightly better-off 30 something as opposed to a skint graduate, so who knows what the future may bring!

8.What 5 words describe you?
Happy. Sleepy. Bashful. Grumpy. Dopey…. Oh wait, that’s the seven dwarves!

9.What’s your favorite thing to have for dessert?
I love a good sorbet. But when in Italy – gelato! Gelato every day!

10.When did you first get hit with the travel bug?
I’ve always been intrigued by other countries and cultures but the bug didn’t properly sink it’s teeth in until I got my first full-time job and was earning enough money to jet off to far flung places.

11.Name three places at the top of your travel wish list.
Excellent question and a difficult task to narrow my ever-growing wish list down to just three… but me and my significant other keep talking about going to Iceland, New Zealand and Cuba. I’d also really like to go back to Japan, but that kind of counts as another answer for question 1 doesn’t it? Argh! too many places and too little money and annual leave!

And my 11 questions for my nominated bloggers…

1. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
2. What is/was your favourite fancy dress costume?
3. You’re jetting off somewhere tomorrow – where in the world are you going?
4. If you could have a superhero power, what would it be?
5. What is your favourite animal?
6. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you want with you?
7. What inspires you?
8. What is your favourite foreign food?
9. If you could be fluent in another language, what would it be?
10. If you were stuck in an elevator, which celebrity would you hate to be stuck in there with?
11. What made you start blogging?

I nominate…

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Yeah that’s only 9 nominations, but I did say I hated maths at school didn’t I? 😉
Apologies if any of the blogs above have more than the specified 200 followers or have done the Liebster Award before. I’m new, what can I say!

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