How to: Host your own Elf Movie Night

My step by step guide to hosting your own festive Elf night!

It just isn’t Christmas without the movie Elf (believe it or not, I actually know some people who have never even seen this movie, it’s crazy!) so rather than just watching it in your PJs and scoffing a bag of popcorn, why not have some friends round and host your own Elf Night?

Step 1: Decorate your house
You don’t have to go all-out drawing the Mona Lisa on an etch-a-sketch like Buddy the Elf did (but if you could do that then you would totally WIN at Elf Night!) but a Christmas tree is a must and some twinkly fairy lights wouldn’t go amiss too. Paper snowflakes are also pretty cool – or you could just add a hint of Elf magic with an ‘itinerary’ of the evening.

How to: host your own Elf movie night

Step 2: Dress up
Elf hat or full on Santa costume – whatever takes your fancy! But practically everyone these days has a tacky Christmas jumper, so there’s no excuse. You can even get some Will Ferrell/Elf themed ones!

Step 3: The menu
Well obviously the food of choice has to be spaghetti! It’s up to you if you want to crumble Pop Tarts over the top of it and drizzle it with maple syrup. I personally would choose to serve a nice spaghetti bolognese for main and then ice cream for dessert with a selection of toppings for your guests to choose from (M&Ms, syrup, Pop Tarts etc). Remember that the four main food groups for elves are candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

Elf food

Step 4: The music
As your guests arrive, it’s a good idea to have the Elf soundtrack playing in the background, it gives your dinner party a pleasant ambience. Perhaps you could even have a little sing-a-long, after all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Step 5: The movie
Snuggle up on the sofa and watch the movie. Just make sure that you have a copy of Elf on dvd to watch or you will look like a right cotton-headed ninny-muggins if you forgot that!

Bonus points
+100 if you decorate your whole house like Gimbels department store
+150 if you can draw the Mona Lisa on an etch-a-sketch as well
+20 if you know and invite someone named Francisco (that’s fun to say!)
+10 if it snows
+ 20 if you have a wicked snowball fight
+10 if you saw a dog today
+10 if smiling’s your favourite
+30 if you bake your own Christmas cookies

Melted snowman cookies
My melted snowman cookies!

Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

Season’s Bleatings

Christmas is coming and I’m sure there are many people out there who have their fingers crossed for a white one. While I like the notion of a White Christmas, I personally find that the idea of snow is a lot more beautiful and magical than reality of it. In the movies everything is pristine, pure white and glistening but in real life, especially in the UK, everything turns to chaos at the first sign of a snowflake – people go mental and buy up everything in the supermarkets incase they get snowed in, the roads become slippery and congested, and soon the pretty white snow quickly descends into dirty grey slush.

It’s not all gloom though. I like building snowmen and throwing snowballs as much as the next person. It’s fine if you haven’t got to be anywhere and can just stay home sipping hot chocolate in your onesie rather than battle the elements and other people out on the roads. When you get caught out unexpectedly is when it becomes a problem (4 hours alone in a car doing a journey that should only take 20-25 minutes, watching other cars spinning out and getting stuck infront of you is pretty nerve wracking).

I remember one Saturday morning in December, a year or two ago, I woke up to find there was a light dusting of snow on the rooftops, cars and trees, so my husband and I thought it would be a lovely idea to head down to our local christmas market for a stroll about. The location of the market is what you could call ‘picturesque’ and ‘Dickensian’ and I thought that a pretty dusting of snow would only add to the atmosphere of the little wooden huts selling festive and continental goodies. We wandered about for a bit taking photos and treating ourselves to some Baileys & white chocolate fudge, I even bought myself a new Christmas tree ornament.

Before we knew it, the snow got heavier, to the point where we were squinting to stop the snowflakes from getting into our eyes. We hastily left the market and headed back to the car but instead of instantly driving off, we put snow socks onto the car wheels (try saying that really fast – snow socks, snow snocks…). If you’ve never heard of them, snow socks are fitted to your front tyres (much like putting socks onto your feet) to help you grip the road when it’s icy. I tell you what though, it ain’t easy trying to fit them when your fingers are numb and you have snowflakes in your eyes, but we did it and good thing too really. Our journey home still managed to take us about 2 hours (bearing in mind it only took us about 15 minutes to get there) but that was because of everyone else blocking up the roads! We got alot of looks from random passers-by who I reckon were totally jealous of our fluorescent socks, everyone will be out buying these soon. You heard it here first, people.

So while the car was in good shape, apparently I was not. My husband suggested I take a look in the mirror because my make up had run. As you ladies know, when you’ve been chopping onions or if you’ve shed a little tear, if you aren’t wearing waterproof mascara you do get a little smudgy underneath your eyes or perhaps a little streak down one cheek. I pulled down the sun visor to take a little peek in the mirror, I wasn’t expecting anything major, so imagine my horror when I saw Alice Cooper’s ugly sister staring back at me! I kid you not. It wasn’t even just under my eyes and on my cheeks, I had mascara on my forehead too!

Needless to say I learnt a few things that day:
1. Snow socks – The new winter fashion must-have, dahling!
2. Non-waterproof mascara is a fairweather friend (quite literally)