Alphabet Dating - H is for Halloween

Alphabet Dating – H is for Halloween

OBVIOUSLY if your letter ‘H’ date for Alphabet Dating ends up being in October then you HAVE to make it H for Halloween, am I right?

Everyone seems to have gone super crazy for Halloween this year and I think the UK are slowly catching up with America in our festivities. So anyway, this year hubby and I chose to go to one of those fright night things where you basically pay for people to scare you.

Kent Life were hosting their Halloween Spooktacular for the first time this year so we decided to go check it out. Kent Life is normally a family friendly fun day out with farm animals, it describes itself as “Kent’s Rural Heritage Experience”, however the Halloween nights were strictly for over 16s only. The theme “Kent-aminated” (contaminated, gettit?) was the zombie apocalypse. We love The Walking Dead so we were up for this. Kinda… eek!

Anyway, when we arrived we were “checked in” as survivors of the apocalypse and given overalls to wear. We were then taken with around 12 other paying guests to a tent (which was a circus tent or something during the day) but was now the hospital tent during the apocalypse. I knew that those hospital trolleys weren’t all that they seemed and of course, there was a zombie underneath one of those sheets!

We were all freaked out and laughing as we ran out of the tent and onto a train. Sadly our guide was dragged away before she could get on the train and met her fate at the jaws of the undead. The train was a cutesy land train by day, but vital zombie protection by night and sure enough, there they were banging on the windows as we passed.

A new guide met us at the other end and took us past the fields of goats (nothing to do with the evening, those goats live there) where we saw a zombie munching on a dead (fake) sheep. We then ran into the church, because I forgot to mention that you can actually get married at Kent Life.

The best bit though was as we were waiting in the church, anticipating what might happen next as the zombies banged on all the windows around us, a zombie girl appeared behind us out of nowhere and then all 14 of us screamed and ran towards the exit.

We then ran up a hill with zombies following us, headed towards the safe zone which turned out to be a bar where we had a drink that was included in our ticket prices.

The whole experience only lasted half an hour which I don’t think was really long enough. We also felt that they could have had more zombie actors and perhaps added something like us smearing fake blood on our overalls and then walking through a field of zombies, like in The Walking Dead. We were a bit confused about the overalls to be honest. All in all I found the anticipation of not knowing what was going to happen far scarier than the experience itself but I was grateful that the team asked for our feedback at the end.

A couple of years ago we did something similar at Fort Amherst (the place we went to on our E date) which had alot more to it and was much scarier… perhaps a little too scary – clown with chainsaw I am talking about you! So our expectations for Kent-aminated were already high before we had even got there. Having said that, Fort Amherst had the edge before they’d even done anything given that their venue is a legit haunted 300 year old fort.

Kent Life did well for a first try and although it didn’t quite meet my expectations (am I secretly relieved? maybe!) I would be interested to see what they plan for future Halloweens!

P.S. Excuse the lack of pictures, we had to switch our phones off so we didn’t interfere with the radio signals 😉


So the world didn’t end…

bucket list by cakeyhamburger
bucket list, a photo by cakeyhamburger on Flickr.

And thank goodness for that! So the Mayan calendar ended and many believed that 21st December 2012 would be the last day for our quirky little planet (aka Earth, not this blog). I know I’m a bit slow in talking about it but I must admit that I did find all the news reports regarding the apocalypse quite fascinating, particularly the idea of a village in France, named Bugarach, being named as a supposedly safe place to survive the end of the world. Rumours were circulating that the mountain in the village contained a UFO which would rise up during the apocalypse and rescue everyone in the village. Although this sounds crazy, who is to say what could happen when the world ends? We don’t know.

It’s a similar idea to that of the mysterious rock, Es Vedra in Ibiza. People believe that the rock too may contain UFOs and suchlike. I even read somewhere that some people believe it to be the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis. While I don’t necessarily believe these stories enough to travel to Bugarach or Ibiza when the world is “due” to end, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I don’t believe them, I am willing to keep an open mind. Mystery is intriguing.

In all this news about the world ending or not ending, it made me think about all the things I feel I am yet to do, my Bucket List. I haven’t written a Bucket List as such (and the image above is just an amusing illustration I found on Flickr – I have no desire to conquer Everest) but it inspired me to blog about things I want to do/see before I do indeed ‘kick the bucket’. Perhaps if I keep up with the blog for long enough I can also write about when I fulfil a bucket list wish too!