February round-up!

Hey hey kids! Welcome to my second round-up of the year. Unfortunately I dropped the ball a little in February but in my defence I have been pursuing other projects, hence fewer posts here – a girl only has so much free time. Oh and The Walking Dead is back! Whoop Whoop!

Here’s what you may or may not have missed in February


Quirky hostel in Australia – Alice’s Secret… shh! – Spending several nights in a converted bus and an alpine themed hut. My post about Alice Spring’s quirkiest accommodation.

Punakaiki Pancake Rocks …and Pancakes! – Mostly overuse of the word pancake, but also my first dabble at a proper travel video. It’s not the most exciting watch but it’s only 40 seconds long so why not take a look on my YouTube channel.

10 surprising things about Japan – You guys must know by now how much I love Japan but did you know some of the things I found surprising?

10 surprising things about Japan

Seasons – Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – which is your favourite?

Beer for brunch – XXXX Brewery Tour – My tale of accidentally getting drunk before lunchtime in Australia.

Quirky things to do in wonderful Wanaka – Another glimpse at my New Zealand trip. Make sure you check out the video at the end!


Well February is just a slightly less gloomy version of January really isn’t it? On top of that, I’ve had a worrying week or so, I won’t go into details here. I’m ok, but I was all out of sorts for a while there.

On a lighter note, I had a spa day with my mum (her Christmas present to me) and realised that it has become one of my life goals to be rich enough to have a spa day on a weekly basis, how else do the celebs look so fresh and glowing all the time?!

And speaking of pampering, the fabulous Suzie over at Suzie Speaks held a competition to win some Valentine’s Day Organique goodies and I only went and won it!! I don’t even win raffles at work so I was pretty chuffed! Thanks again Suzie 🙂

Organique Valentines Goodies

Not much else to report round here but it’s a bit special to publish a post on 29th February as I won’t get this opportunity again until 2020… eek! Scary!

Lastly (and not like I know him personally or anything but) I would like to send a massive congratulations to Leonardo Di Caprio for finally winning an Oscar!

Shame I already beat you to it though….

my oscar win

LOL 😉 x

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2 thoughts on “February round-up!

  1. I am so with you on the spa idea. I would love to have a facial every single week, it’s so relaxing. Maybe we should start a lottery syndicate between us?

    Sally @ Life Loving

  2. When we were in Fiji we were told that massages aren’t a luxury, they’re a way of life! Bliss!

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