April round-up!

I’m a little late with my round-up but you’ll have to forgive me because April has been such a busy month! It kicked off with my birthday which I decided to celebrate in London with my husband. We had lunch at Inamo Soho and then took in the weird and wonderful world of Ripley’s.

This past month I also experienced some Kentish delights such as afternoon tea at a Kent country house, as well as larking around with a pair of lemurs.

Delicious desserts for afternoon tea
mmm… afternoon tea should happen more often!

Hubby and I went on another¬†Alphabet Date (this time the letter ‘B’) but I haven’t had chance to write¬†about it yet (incase you were wondering what Alphabet Dating is, then click here). Date ‘C’ is already planned for May and I promise it’s a good one!

We also celebrated our wedding anniversary at the coast, played mini golf AND we went to see Hairspray on tour, which was a Christmas gift from the in-laws. If you get chance to see Hairspray, then go! It’s fantastic!

Aside from the posts I linked to above, the blog also consisted of –

What else?

In all honesty, I am finding blogging alot of hard work for very little reward so I’m planning to take a digital detox at the end of the month. I doubt anyone will even notice let alone miss me, but sometimes I feel that investing too much time in the ‘online world’ isn’t healthy. I feel a little lost within myself right now so a break away will be a chance for me to spend some time not feeling bad about myself.

I’ll try not to get too sucked into the world of inspirational pinterest quotes as a form of motivation, but I did want to share a couple that I saw in the Hard Rock section at Ripley’s. I kind of love these…

I'm from Las Vegas! I can't understand why more people don't wear sequins - Brandon Flowers

I have multipersonality disorder when it comes to my fashion choices - Katy Perry

So that’s me, how are you?

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