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Hello! Bonjour! Konnichiwa!

Welcome to Quirky Little Planet – A Travel and Lifestyle Blog for the adventurous and curious.

Arriving in the Maldives

This quirky travel blog began as a means for me to document my travels and connect with like-minded people from all over planet earth. I’ve never done the “quit my job to become a digital nomad” thing but I hope this blog inspires all of those 9 to 5ers consumed by wanderlust, yet with limited vacation time, to get out there and explore our weird and wonderful world.

Why Quirky Little Planet?

Well all the good names were taken!


In truth, I chose the name because
1. I love anything quirky. I guess that’s part of my creative and childish nature.
2. Earth is just one little planet when you think about the stars and the universe. We need to explore and nurture our little planet.
3. I’ve been known to live on my own planet from time to time.

23 thoughts on “About the blog

    1. Hey thank you so much for stopping by and for the feedback. I’m fairly new to blogging (and not very good at continuing with things I start) but the positive comments really spur me on! I just had a little read of your blog (have now added it to my internet favourites) I really like it! You sound alot like me and your Life List is really inspiring – reminds me of things I would like to do that I hadn’t quite realised! 🙂

  1. It was nice to “meet” you today at Steve’s party. I look forward to reading more of your posts and following your adventures. Happy blogging and travels, Cheryl

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