About me

the ultimate cat selfie
Perfecting our Blue Steel and Magnum

My name is Hayley. I’m a part-time traveller, full-time wanderluster currently residing in the South East of England with my husband aka my favourite travel companion! ♥ My hobbies include going on holiday when time and money affords me to, blogging about my adventures, oh and taking selfies with my cat.



Some fun facts about me –

♥  I was born on April Fools Day.

♥  I can lick my own elbow. The only other person I know who can do this is my brother – we’re thinking of taking this talent on the road and joining the circus.

♥  I have a weird mistrust of vending machines and garden furniture.

♥  Emma Watson (aka Hermione) is my hand twin.

♥  My favourite film ever since I was a child is Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

♥  INFP (probably).

♥  I love a bit of fancy dress.


♥  I also like making new friends.


So put your feet up and stick around for a bit! Leave me a lovely little comment or just peruse the posts of this lifestyle and travel blog.

Peace, Love & Wanderlust x