A taste of Tokyo

What city would I choose as my dream dinner destination? I’ve visited a fair few places and still have almost everywhere else on my travel wishlist so I racked my brain to think of where my dream dinner destination would be. Although I’m not what you would call a “foodie”, I would probably say Tokyo would be my dream dinner destination, and it may surprise you to learn that Tokyo has more Michelin starred restaurants than Paris!

Why Tokyo?
Japanese cuisine is amongst the healthiest in the world – why else do the people there live for so long? We had many great meals and dining experiences during our time in Japan – ramen, bento, katsu curry, conveyor belt sushi, okonomiyaki, kaiseki and of course, quirky themed restaurants. Plus let’s not forget that pizza we were really craving one night!

I’m not going to lie, not everything I ate in Japan was my cup of tea (or cup of matcha if you will), deep-fried bean curd with vegetable and sea urchin – nearly saw that for a second time! And I did learn some things as well – I don’t like prawns but I do like tempura prawns and unagi isn’t as bad as you think it will be. Oh and purple sweet potato ice cream is yummy but cold wedges of purple sweet potato sprinkled with sugar are pretty gross!

One of my favourite meals while I was in Japan was this…


I don’t know what it all is but I enjoyed it and as it was all laid out there in front of me, I was happy and willing to try it all.

The only issue with dining out somewhere like Japan is the language barrier. Yes they do have picture menus and plastic models of food but if they didn’t and there were no English menus, I’m not entirely sure what I would do. I could ask a local to help me but if they didn’t speak English, then my little Japanese wouldn’t get me too far. Before we went to Japan we were trying to teach ourselves a bit of basic Japanese using some translation apps on our mobile phones. Unfortunately, when I tried to say “I am English” the app translated it to “I am God” and when I asked my app “Where is the cat café?” it translated back simply as “cat poison” – good job I didn’t try using those phrases on any people!

What is your dream dinner destination? And have you ever had any funny translation mishaps when abroad?

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